On a recent dig through YouTube for concert footage in Amarillo, I came across this hidden gem. The night Metallica rocked Yellow City.

In January of 1989, Metallica came through town on the Damaged Justice Tour and performed at the Amarillo Civic Center. Someone in the audience recorded it, and that recording found its way to YouTube.

Queensrÿche was the opening act that night. You can still get information on that show over at Metallica's website.

The night would end after two encores, which made the entire concert (Metallica's portion) run just over an hour and forty-five minutes.

At the 28:22 mark, there's a bittersweet nostalgia bomb when we get a bass solo from Jason Newsted. He goes for six and a half minutes.

At 1:23:49 Kirk gets his solo and it is a face melter. He wastes no time getting right into the good stuff. Way cooler than some of the "doodles" we've been getting recently.

Even though this is only the audio, it's still well worth putting on and listening to. It was a great concert and one I wish I could have made it to.

Put your headphones on and crank this up when the family gets to be a bit too much over the holidays.

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