It's been 20 years since we were introduced to The Dude and we want to celebrate in all his greatness.  The Big Lebowski is returning to the Big Screen in honor of its 20th anniversary.

Lonestar 98.7 is teaming up with Turner Classic Movies, Fathom Events, and Universal Pictures to send you and a guest to relive the awesomeness of The Dude on the big screen with the Big Lebowski on the big screen.

The  20th  anniversary  of  The  Big  Lebowski  and  bringing  the  iconic  movie  to  back to theaters for a  special  two-day  event,  which  also  includes  exclusive  insights  from  TCM  Host  Ben  Mankiewicz.    From  the  Academy  Award®-winning  Coen  brothers,  The  Big  Lebowski  is  a  hilariously  quirky  comedy  about  bowling,  a  severed  toe,  White  Russians  and  a  guy  named...The  Dude.  Jeff  ͞The  Dude Lebowski  doesn’t  want  any  drama  in  his  life...heck,  he  can’t  even  be  bothered  with  a  job.  But,  he  must  embark  on  a  quest  with  his  bowling  buddies  after  his  rug  is  destroyed  in  a  twisted  case  of  mistaken  identity.

Photo Courtesy Fathom Events
Photo Courtesy Fathom Events

Here's how you can win tickets:

Just text the word, DUDE, to 806-398-0092

and you'll be entered to win a pair of tickets.  It's just that easy.

Don’t miss the hilariously quirky comedy about bowling, White Russians, and a guy named, The Dude when the Big Lebowski returns to theaters for its 20th anniversary on August 5th or 8th.

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