I am not against camping. I used to really enjoy it growing up. I guess becoming an adult has made the whole aspect of roughing it a little not as much fun. I would still do it. I may not enjoy it as much. Maybe I would?

Maybe it's the whole plumbing issue. I used many of outhouses growing up. I like to have running water to wash up. As long as I can have hand lotion at the end of the day I really think everything is good. So I do have my limits.

Roughing It Without Really Roughing It

There are ways to camp after a long day without worrying about tossing and turning because of the lack of air. You also need to have some type of air conditioning. I mean if are not about roughing it. Remember "Happy wife, happy life."

So I was shocked when I saw a place that offered this convenience. Has this been a thing? If so how did I miss this? It's about three miles from The Big Texan.

Of course, leave it to them to provide lodging that is way and above what I would expect. I mean it is rather cool.

So who has ever wanted to camp in a stagecoach? Seems cool. Right? Oh, and they brag about how they are air-conditioned. Score. Since they are so close to The Big Texan anyway we know that they are close to any luxuries you may want.

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All the camping fun without all of the bugs. You can also sign off on all of the hot and steamy nights.

This is so much the way most of us women want to camp. Sign us up now. We can get behind camping if you think about our comfort. Just for a moment or two.

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