Ok, so the big thing around town seems to be why Lubbock is better than Amarillo.

Or vice versa, why Amarillo is better than Lubbock.

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Here's what I don't understand. How can you compare two cities, or two things for that matter, that are literally nothing alike?

Comparing the two cities is like saying apples are better than hamburgers because...

They aren't even in the same food group, much like Amarillo and Lubbock.

I get that one city may have things the other doesn't have. For example, Lubbock seems to have a lot of stores that Amarillo is envious of. H-E-B, Costco, and Sprouts. Those names come up CONSTANTLY when the cities are debated.

However, Amarillo is getting a Buc-ee's (we think), and we've got the second largest canyon in America with Palo Duro right in our backyard.

I propose we just stop the debate altogether as to who is the better city. I agree, I'm jealous of Lubbock having an H-E-B. I moved to Amarillo from Austin, where H-E-B was THE grocery store. I'll admit, I love it and miss it.

However, it doesn't make a city better just because one has it and the other doesn't. Each city is unique in its own way. Each city has a completely different lifestyle and feel.

Amarillo has a tendency to be a bit more laid back and easy-going. Lubbock is a bit more fast-paced in my eyes.

The college scene is VERY different. Amarillo & Canyon both have a college and university respectively, but neither one holds a candle to what Texas Tech is. Enrollment numbers at Tech alone will drive more "hyped" businesses to an area.

So at the end of the day, it's all about one thing. The type of lifestyle you want to live. Fast-paced or laidback? That's how we should be debating these cities.

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