Well, there's a headline you don't see too often.

Police charged 26-year-old Joshua Long, of Carlisle, Pa., last week for abuse of a human corpse for soaking marijuana in a human brain's formaldehyde to give the drug an extra high.

Long was already in jail on burglary charges, so, yeah, he's one of life's big winners. That's a lot of bad news for this guy, proving that when it brains, it pours.

The brain was found inside of a Walmart bag that was kept under the porch of a house.

Long, however, was the not the sole, ahem, brains behind the operation. He smoked the brain-enhanced pot with a man who lived at the house. Clever guys they are, they dubbed the brain "Freddy."

That other man is on the run, along with his girlfriend, who lived in the house where the brain was located.

Meanwhile, authorities say the brain was to be used for teaching. "At this point now we're just trying to figure out where it came from," said one officer. "We're hoping that if anyone is missing a human specimen brain to bring it to our attention and maybe we can return it to its rightful owner."

We're just going to assume that if someone lost a brain they probably would've come forward by now. It's not like losing car keys, you know.

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