The move to legalize hemp was one that was widely celebrated. It has also created confusion and some headaches for law enforcement and producers.

One case in particular that happened recently involved a man transporting over 3,000 pounds of a "green leafy substance" through the state. He was stopped, and spent almost a month in jail.

According to a story in the Texas Tribune, the man was pulled over on I-40 east of Amarillo for driving on the shoulder. The officer smelled what he thought was marijuana, and found boxes and black trash bags of the green leafy substance. The man was arrested.

After testing, it was determined that he wasn't hauling marijuana, but hemp. He was released, and according to the report it is expected the product will be returned.

The story includes statements from individuals on all sides of the discussion, and it seems like everyone is frustrated.

In a story for KFDA, it is stated that experts worry about the confiscation. They claim that if the crop isn't handled properly while awaiting test results, it could ruin the crop. That's a problem for the crop producers.

One of the big problems is the testing. The product has to be sent off to determine exactly how much THC is contained in the product, which is how we distinguish hemp from marijuana.

In the story about the man pulled over outside of Amarillo, the product had to be sent off to a federal lab for testing.

At the moment, it all seems like a mess for everyone. Let's hope this gets sorted quickly.


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