One thing we don't have a lot of are grocery stores here in Amarillo. When I say that, I mean different options. Many cities will have multiple chains operating within it, but here, it seems we have United and Market Street, and that's it when it comes to true grocery stores.

There are a few other options around town, such as the Walmart Neighborhood Markets that are peppered around the city. Another option we have is Market 33 off of Western, and its a popular option for many.

Many of the people who shop there say they can find great prices on food there, so they take advantage of that. Well, I might have some bad news for you all. It appears that Market 33 may be getting set to shut their doors.

According to a Facebook post in the Amarillo Restaurant Reviews...At Your Own Risk group, August 1st will be their last day of operation, and it appears it may have been a surprise for everyone working there.

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

Now, people immediately started commenting on it calling rumor or BS on it. Someone even pulled up the Texas Warn Notice page which is where you can find out if companies are going through any kind of layoffs in the next 60 days, and they weren't on the list.

UPDATE: The info about Market 33 closing allegedly came from a user who has a contact at Texas Workforce Solutions and that is who informed him the store would be closing.

As people continued to believe this was some kind of attention-seeking rumor, a user hopped in and posted this in the comments.

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

Now, we can't confirm if this person is an employee at the store, or if they know someone that works there, but that would give the appearance that this is real.

UPDATE: Multiple people have now confirmed that employees were told about the store closing. A rumor began circulating that they were actually being shut down by the health department over faulty refrigerators, but one user shot that down almost immediately.

We will update as we find out more, but as of right now, it does appear Market 33 will be the latest victim of businesses closing in Amarillo.

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