I'll admit it, I'm a meme junkie. I love seeing what people come up with.

Some of the best memes are born from a city, and Amarillo is no different.

I went on a hunt for the memes that most appropriately described our wonderful little city, and came up with a few gems. So away we go!

Amarillo drivers in snow

So I haven't had the pleasure of driving in the snow here yet, but if driving in the rain here is ANY indication of what snow driving is like here, I bet this is a pretty accurate representation.

(Editor's note: Hi. Sarah the Editor here. It's extremely accurate, Ryan. Snowpocalypse of February 2012 had everybody but those who owned Subarus with AWD and manual transmissions were screwed)

TnT Meme

Bahahahaha! Ok, this couldn't be more true if it tried. Can you imagine being an empty street corner in Amarillo right now? You already know what you're about to become!

What store you from, dawg?


I couldn't think of a better way to end this, because all of this is so true. There's so many stereotypes about Amarillo and what it is, that sometimes we forget just how perfect it can be.

Check out the gallery below to see even more memes about Amarillo...and enjoy the laugh and agreements!

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