Earlier, I posted about the number of haunted houses in town where you can get some thrills and chills this month. There are, as of last count, four attractions.

That doesn't mean those are your only options for some Halloween style fun. These attractions might be a better fit if you're not into jump scares.


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    Haunted Tour of 6th Street/Old 66

    This haunted tour started last year. The tour takes you along old 66 and gives you a little history of the area, and a little insight into which locations are allegedly haunted.

    The tour is hosted by resident paranormal investigators, Red Dirt Paranormal of Texas.

    The tour kicks off in front of 6th Street Massacre, which is appropriate as that haunt is supposedly haunted. That is still the most ironic thing I've come across in my life time.

    Tours kick off at 7:30pm on the 18th,19th, 25th, 26th, November 1st, and 2nd. They will go until the last tour is done.

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    Llano Cemetery Historic Tour

    If just driving by a cemetery gives you the chills, then you might stay away. That doesn't mean this tour is meant to scare. In fact, the tour is all about history.

    This will be the 14th annual Twilight Tour. There will be hayride tours, as well as walking tours.

    The event is free, and there's even an app you can download to accompany your tour. The Llano Cemetery app will give you even more info about the individuals highlighted during the tour.

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