One of the biggest gripes Texans have is people from out of state moving here, especially if they're coming from California. However, it's not just California they're coming from. They come from all sorts of places, even other countries.

We have a ton of pride here in Texas and being Texans. We say it proudly when people ask where we're from on vacation or business trips. We profess it to be the best state in the union, and we will hold steadfast to that.

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But every now and then, you think about it, don't you? You think what it would be like to live somewhere else and where that somewhere else would be. Whether it's in the U.S. or in another country, I promise your mind has wandered there.

I saw someone post on Reddit asking this very question, and I found it interesting some of the places on the list and the reasons why. Some were speculative, and some of these moves have already happened.

So what were some of the places people mentioned and reasons as to why? Let's take a look.

New Zealand Goes Into Lockdown Following Positive COVID-19 Case In Auckland
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This was the first place listed that I saw in the comments and the reasons behind wanting to were very interesting. There are apparently some incentives for moving to New Zealand. Not for everyone, but for some, and those incentives (which were not given) can be good enough to make someone think about it.

However, it appears it's VERY difficult to move there, with a lot of rules and restrictions, not to mention the housing market is apparently quite expensive. I just like the fact that it's super close to Australia, which I've always wanted to visit.

Colorado Community Mourns In Aftermath Of Deadly Movie Theater Shooting
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Several people have left Texas for the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, not just Denver specifically. Some of the smaller towns such as Idaho Springs were mentioned as places they would move to. I can't argue with Colorado, I lived there three different times spanning a good half of my years on this Earth.

There is so much to do in Colorado, especially if you're the outdoors type. They've got professional sports teams for every sport you can imagine, down to lacrosse, and the views are indeed spectacular.

National Parks Service
National Parks Service


I saw a couple of different states listed from the east coast, namely Maine and Vermont. The draw to those places is four true seasons with winters that aren't terrible, and summer days that rarely touch 90 degrees.

Other things mentioned were scenery, access to the water, and just a good quality of life. I could see it, even though I've never been. I've seen pictures and videos though, and I will say that region is definitely beautiful.

Mexico Open at Vidanta - Final Round
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I actually saw more people mention Mexico than I would've thought. Obviously, the places mentioned were cities like Puerto Vallarta that were more developed and touristy in a sense. However, I do see the draw to it.

Mexico can be a cheap place to live in the right spots, you have easy access to warm water and beaches, and the culture there is exciting.

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America
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Here's a place I saw mentioned, then as I scrolled, found several more people mentioning it. This part of the country is known for how green it is, and from what I've read, for how affordable it is.

A good quality of life, less hustle and bustle than some of the bigger states and major cities, and housing that isn't through the roof like so many other places. It definitely sounds like a place I could live in, and many others agree.

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