With the pandemic starting to settle down a bit, people are going back to work. Some are struggling to find the right fit, but if you live here in Amarillo, you're in one of the best places to be to land a good job!

The Amarillo job market is absolutely booming right now. There's several reasons for this, but one of the main ones is new companies coming into the area. See, the Amarillo economy is pretty strong at the moment, and that is attracting new businesses to open up shop here.

A big one is rolling into Bomb City though, Sharpened Iron Studios, a film production company. They will employ up to 500 people once it's fully up and running. Sean Doherty, the CEO/Founder of Sharpened Iron Studios said, "Our jobs are high paying jobs, our average salary will be $55,000 a year so they're high paying jobs, they're good job skills."

Doherty believes that with them coming into the market, it will create a ripple effect and he envisions another 1300 jobs or so created because of other industries coming in and businesses growing because of their presence.

We've recently seen several job fairs happening as well as smaller new businesses beginning to open up here, but I've personally seen what happens when a big company comes into a city. I don't think Doherty is wrong in saying it'll create a ripple effect. So if you're still in the market for a job, don't stress, help is on the way for you. And stay close to those job fairs, we're seeing a lot of good jobs get filled at those!

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