One of my favorite parts of the Halloween season is "haunted-housing." I love a good haunted house. They're great for some cheap thrills and laughs. Amarillo now has 4 options for my fellow haunted house fanatics.

Amarillo Scaregrounds

First, you have Amarillo Scaregrounds. Scaregrounds boasts not just one, but 5 total attractions. Each one has a different theme. Plus, there's concessions and an area for you to rest and relax between the scares.


Next, you have Amarillo's Frightmare. Frightmare exists as a FUNdraiser (their words) for the AAYC. AAYC provides programs and activities for teens in Amarillo at a safe place.

From their website:

The AAYC Exists to provide safe, fun, affordable recreational and educational activities for youth and families in an alcohol/drug free wholesome environment...FRIGHTMARE is a year round program at the AAYC. Members of the program learn how to use basic tools, how to paint, theatre design, staging, lighting, make-up, acting and scene building.

Pretty cool.

6th Street Massacre

Then, there's the legendary 6th Street Massacre. What's so legendary about it? It's a haunted house that is supposedly...haunted. Spooky or ironic? I'll let you decide. According to the website, the theme for the haunt is "Stuck In A Movie," which is due in part to the fact that the haunt exists inside an old movie theater.

Butcher's Hollow

Finally, you have the all new Butcher's Hollow. The weird thing about Butcher's Hollow, is that you can't really find any info on it except that it exists. That, and it is 6,000 squared feet of haunt. It also promises to feature some horror icons. Other than that...well I guess we'll just have to go see for ourselves.

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