Meter maids do a thankless job, so it's pretty rare for them to leave people in awe.

In this prank, an actress in New York City pretending to be a meter maid lifts a rigged cab after a taxi driver -- also an actor -- gets into a spat with her.

It takes a lot for New Yorkers to be impressed or make them stop in their shoes -- this is the city that never sleeps, after all -- but witnessing what looks like a real-life superhero in their midst certainly does the trick.

Perhaps the only thing more entertaining than this display of what one witness calls "girl power" is the public's stunned reaction.

The YouTube team that made this video, DidThisJustHappen, is aptly named, since that's probably what everyone who saw this said to themselves. They also happen to be the one behind last year's uber-popular "Devil Baby" clip, which you can see below. So, clearly, they know a thing or two about capturing the public's attention:

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