For many people, New Year's celebrations involve alcohol. It can be an evening filled with cocktails culminating in a flute of champagne at midnight.

There is no reason to spoil the night with tragedy. This year play it safe and catch a ride with one of these several options. Amarillo has everything from taxis to complete strangers available to help you get home safe at the end of the night.

If you are looking for a taxi to get everyone around town for the big night, Amarillo does have plenty of options. I know several people who prefer the more traditional taxi over using one of the many apps available.

Here is a list of taxi options available for the end of the night.

Taxi Pros – 806-350-775
Jack & Sons Taxi – 806-400-2233
Q&D Preferred Car Service – 806-356-0747
Rapid Taxi – 806-316-2139
371-Taxi – 806-371-8294
Bolton Taxi – 806-236-2240
AJ Taxi Service – 806-444-9563
AA-Discount – 806-374-1111
JW’s Taxi – 806-444-6487
Heaven Sent Rides – 806-400-2233

If you prefer using one of the ride sharing or vehicle for hire apps for your transportation needs on New Year's Eve, you are in luck. You might actually be surprised at just how much Amarillo has to offer when it comes to options to get you from point A to point B.

I've used Uber on occasion personally, and Amarillo also has plenty of Uber rides available. The drivers have always been fantastic, and I have yet to have a bad experience. You can also use the Lyft app to find rides in Amarillo.

How ever you do it this year, stay safe on New Year's Eve.

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