I found a local coffee house. No, I'm not the first to discover it, so don't @ me.

However, this place is new to me, and I figured I'd share. There's something about growing up where coffee becomes essential to your morning routine. I invested in a $200 coffee maker at home, just so I can customize my drinks. If that doesn't scream 'crazy cat lady', I don't know what does.

Like all humans, I run late and don't have time to fire up the coffee pot, so I'll stop and grab something, usually from Roasters, Cliffside, Evocation, or Dunkin'. Because of our local amazing coffee shops that provide a flavorful coffee experience, I cannot stomach Starbucks anymore, ...sorry Starbucks.

But I found 5 Senses Coffee House on Western and Hillside, across the street from Sonic. According to their Facebook page:

Our mission is to provide you with a quality product, excellent customer service and an inviting atmosphere. Five Senses Coffee House will provide our brand of locally roasted gourmet coffee made to order fresh daily, fast and efficiently and at a competitive price. Our own Five Senses Coffee blends will be bagged and branded under our name and sold in our shop daily. We will serve a variety of drinks on our menu such as regular and decaffeinated coffee, espresso hot/cold, cold brew, frappes, hot chocolate, tea blends and seasonal drinks. We will also provide pastries and desserts provided by a local bakery in Amarillo to enjoy while relaxing in the shop or on the go.
Our key goal as a business is to succeed and grow within the local community by creating a brand and product that customers trust, enjoy and return to again and again. Eventually, we want to open additional locations and possibly have our very own coffee roaster and distribution center in the future.
We are very excited to serve the Amarillo community and greet you with a great cup of coffee and a delicious pastry! See you soon!


It's pretty decent coffee, I've ordered two different drinks and both tasty. They have a wide selection of choices, and I'm sure if you sweet talk them, they'll make something work.

But check them out, I recommend them and I'm sure they would love to see your faces in their door or drive-thru, whatever floats your boat.

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