Sad news to report, as a NOFX fan has died after hitting his head at the band’s June 15 gig in Copenhagen, Denmark. Samuel Pollas, 20, reportedly died in his sleep after feeling nauseated and dizzy following the show.

As avid concertgoers, its always especially sad when we hear of a fan who loses their life from simply having fun at a show. During NOFX’s Copenhagen concert at Den Gra Hal, Samuel Pollas hit his head on the ground, like many of us have at some point. After going to bed that night, Pollas never woke up, reportedly succumbing to the head injury suffered during NOFX’s show.

NOFX paid tribute to Pollas with a Facebook post. “This is Samuel. He was 20. He hit his head on the ground at our show in Copenhagen. He was nauseated and dizzy, but decided to go home and sleep. He never woke up. Our hearts go out to his mother and friends,” NOFX write.

The punk band also shared some cautionary words from Samuel’s mother: “If you're drunk and hit your head, do not go to bed without getting it checked. Let none of your friends walk home alone after a fall or blow to the head. Take care of yourselves and each other.”

We’d like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Samuel Pollas.

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