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Ignoring the fact that it's incredibly dangerous, and illegal, train hopping is something that has always captured my imagination. No worries. No cares. Just riding the rails.

A YouTube channel titled RanOutOnARail features videos of a person doing just that. In one video I found, they ride from Amarillo, TX to Tulsa, OK; the former "Frisco Route."

I've always wondered what the world would look like from that point of view. Hats off to the person taking the video. It's really good quality.

The best part for me is the early morning view of Amarillo from the train tracks. It's a beautiful shot.

It's also interesting getting to see Amarillo and Tulsa, two places I've spent a lot of time in, from the tracks.

If nothing else, the video is really relaxing to have on in the background. Except for the occasional squeal of a train slowing down, it's a pretty peaceful video.

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