It's one of those thins you hear about in Amarillo, and always wonder if you should give it a try or not. I mean, you could drive to Oklahoma if you were really itching to jump in the action, but who wants to make a 2-3 hour drive to say Clinton, OK. to throw down?

I mean that can be a long drive back if you don't do well, or maybe you're having to spend a little extra money to get yourself a hotel room depending on when you go up there or how many adult beverages you consume.

If you haven't caught on yet, I'm talking about gambling. It's one of the few things that's being legalized around the country, but not here in Texas. Yes, they've made some inroads to legalizing it, but we aren't quite there yet. However, it doesn't mean there isn't places to gamble in Amarillo.

Unfortunately, these places are illegal, and police in the city have been cracking down on making sure they're no longer operational. In 2018, Amarillo PD raided a whopping 19 places suspected of illegal gambling. Late in 2023, they raided a game room and seized evidence of an illegal gambling operation.

They haven't slowed down in 2024 as Amarillo PD just shut down two more illegal gambling operations in the city.

On Wednesday January 17, 2024, they used a battering ram to bust through a window at 3805 Amarillo Blvd. East and served two search warrants on a couple of offices inside the building. Outside of that, we don't have any more details.

The businesses will obviously be in trouble for running the operation, but remember, if you get caught gambling at one of these places, you can find yourself in some trouble as well. You're better off just heading to Oklahoma to get that thrill.

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