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Today is the King's birthday. Elvis would have been 86 years old. During his reign as the king of Rock 'N'' Roll, he made several trips to Amarillo.

There are several photos and there is a lot of audio from the concerts he performed in our city. There is even a little bit of video from one of his concerts you can find on YouTube.

I was able to find a photo from 1955 of Elvis in Amarillo surrounded by fans. It was taken on October 13.

I was able to find another one from the Municipal Auditorium in 1956.

When you check YouTube, there is a lot of audio of Elvis performing in Amarillo. There is, luckily, a video I was able to find.

The video is taken from Elvis' performance in Amarillo in 1974 and is a part of the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. The video doesn't have any sound, but you do get to see some signature moves and the iconic white jumpsuit.

In 1977 Elvis made his final stop in Amarillo and recorded the live album 'Amarillo '77.' The performance was recorded at the Civic Center. The set included several of the King's staples.

Digging through the comments on some of the videos, I'm surprised to see there are those who still believe the King faked his death. It would be nice if the plot to Bubba Ho-tep was based on reality. That would mean Elvis is living out his days in a nursing home in east Texas.

Unfortunately, that's not the truth. At least we have our memories.

Happy birthday, King.

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