We've seen plenty of artists that are considered musical legends.

Beatles, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Prince. The list goes on and on.

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None seem to have the same kind of pull that Elvis Presley had, and when he put on a show...he put on a SHOW! June 19, 1974 it was his turn to put on a show for Amarillo. This show happened at the Civic Center Coliseum and was possibly the biggest show to ever roll through Amarillo.

The show was full of signature songs such as "Hound Dog", "All Shook Up" "Heartbreak Hotel" and closing with "Can't Help Falling In Love" among others. You can see the full setlist from the show here.

What it was also full of were his signature moves.

Texas Archive screenshot

He starts the show off by coming out on stage and bowing to the crowd to thank them for coming. Normally the bow comes AFTER the show, but Elvis had a deep appreciation for his fans and he showed it here.

Texas Archive screenshot

Here's one of the many times you see Elvis get to the side of the mic and start tapping his heel on the ground. He gets that lean back, knee bent stance that people went wild over.

Texas Archive screenshot

Just a great shot of the man looking into the crowd. He looks like he's either about to erupt on that guitar or start with his patented moves.

Texas Archive screenshot

Ahhhh there it is! The hip thrust with the finger point to the side. Yes, Amarillo got "the" move from the King. No doubt people lost their mind when that one came out to play.

There's a nearly 4 minute video on the Texas Archive of the Moving Image that I've placed below for you to watch. There's no audio, but it's still fun to watch the man in action right here in Center City. Enjoy!

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