It's been a while now since the "one way signs" were placed in stores around town. While I can't say I always follow them, I try my best. Personally, I think they're great.

Let us know if you use the "shop this way" signs at the grocery store, or if you ignore them in this poll.

The reasons why I love them have nothing to do with the pandemic.

The best part about those signs is that when people actually use them, they work great. There is less congestion in the aisle, especially when I'm going after groceries. People aren't crowded together in giant road blocks made of human flesh.

It keeps the flow of traffic moving.

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Plus, there's no awkward moment trying to get around people heading two different directions. It's like trying to pass by someone standing up in the aisle of an airplane.

Trying to squeeze between bodies confused by the assortment of brands on the shelves is an awkward nightmare that gave me just as much anxiety in 2010 as it does in 2020.

Unless the thing I need is at the end of the aisle, I will try to follow those signs.

I am aware, though, that not everyone shares my appreciation for the "shop this way" signs on the floor. I am aware that most people just don't care.

I get it. We're used to just going down the aisles, not caring, not thinking about it. We squeeze past each other focused only on the item we want to get.

I think, in my humblest of opinions, that we've found a better way.

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