It seems as if there will never be an end to the headaches caused by the non-stop construction in, Amarillo. Trying to make it to and from work without a delay caused by construction is like trying to play Minesweeper on an old version of windows.

Credit: Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo
Credit: Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo

I have to agree with this Reddit post on r/amarillo. While we all argue over Sod Poodles and Long Haulers, a better fitting icon of the city was resting right under our bumper. One Reddit user even referred to the traffic cone as our "native flower."

On a recent Uber trip, my driver decided to try and go around the construction. We took off down a side road, only to hit construction. My driver turned down another side street and a few blocks later ran into...more construction.

You can't dodge the construction for all of the construction going on. There are major projects going on, but it is the smaller scale projects scattered randomly through the city that cause the biggest headache when trying to get anywhere in town.

As for now, it looks like the only solutions are to either leave earlier to get where you're going, or just stay home.

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