Yes I know, we all dread it and detest it.

Those orange traffic cones. When they show up, so does our frustration.

But this time it's different. My frustration level has hit a different kind of high with this one, and based on the way others are driving, you're right there with me.

For the second time in roughly a month, traffic cones have popped up on I-40 near Georgia and Washington, leading to the on-ramp for I-27.

The last time these cones went up, it knocked everything down to two lanes of traffic until the interchange. Here's the problem, it didn't seem like they even did anything. I never saw a construction truck or anything that looked like it had been disturbed on I-40.

The cones lasted there for about a week, then they were picked up and all was back to normal. They DID do a little work at the interchange of I-40 & I-27, so I could understand those. What exactly did they do from Georgia to the interchange along I-40 though?

The other day, I hop on I-40 at Georgia and those orange cones of frustration are back. Same spot, same setup.

Now I was compelled to do some research. If the cones have returned and a lane has been taken away for the second time in a month, I want to know why.

I started my Google search and you know what I found? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So I suppose this is more of a heads up for you that the cones are back and we have no idea when they're going away, nor do we have any clue what project is slated to begin. All we know is the cones are back, and with snow being predicted in the forecast, it should make it even more fun.

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