The year was 2000. Spectators had gathered inside of the coliseum to see the spectacle. Texas would be standing alone, toe-to-toe, with the world in a fight to the finish.

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The Western Pro Hockey League was hosting its all-star game in Amarillo, Texas.

Mike Barack via YouTube

It's Hard To Admit, But Yes The Year 2000 Was 21 Years Ago

It's hard to admit, but the year we were all thankful that Y2K turned out to be nothing was almost 22 years ago. That same year, the WPHL brought their all-star game to Yellow City for a World Vs. Texas match.

Mike Barack via YouTube

Get Ready For Some Early 2000s Nostalgia

While the video on YouTube is great for hockey fans (you can watch it below), it's great for anyone that was around in the year 2000. The commercials really took me back. One of them even features George Wendt. You'll remember him as Norm in Cheers.

Mike Barack via YouTube

Hockey Pros and Commentators Still Have The Same Haircut

I went and watched the Wranglers play recently with my family, and I can confirm that this haircut is still the one associated with hockey. The slightly feathered, moderately gelled look is still very in on the ice.

Mike Barack via YouTube

It's True. TV Does Add A Few Pounds.

Looking at the Amarillo Civic Center through the lens of Fox Sports Southwest makes the Civic Center seem bigger. My intentions are not to thumb my nose at the home of the Amarillo Wranglers, but it seems so much bigger on TV.

Check Out The Opening And The First Period

Here's the video that was uploaded to YouTube. It contains the opening and the first period. Plus, there are some great commercials from that period. Keep an eye out for the Amarillo tourism commercial. There's a few real nostalgia-bombs in there.

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