Amarillo at one point in time welcomed legendary acts. From Kiss to Elvis, we have a very cool history with music in Yellow City.

I recently started digging for info on AC/DC's plans for their supposed new album and rumored tour, and came across a video on YouTube of AC/DC performing in Amarillo.

The video is a slideshow of photos taken from their concert on September 13, 1979. After checking the AC/DC concert history page, I found out that they played Yellow City again less than a year later. That concert was on Aug 31, 1980.

My favorite pictures in the slideshow are of Angus Young doing what he does best, all in that iconic school uniform.

Here's to hoping that in the future Amarillo becomes that kind of place again. We're well on our way. Styx, ZZ Top, Bob Dylan all have upcoming concerts in Yellow City.

According to the Amarillo Civic Center Complex website, those shows are still on as of now.

It seemed like every other week I was getting word of another show being booked in the area. Let's hope we can resume scheduling soon and keep bringing in great bands.

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