Rob Halford's accomplished more than most throughout his life, but he's not finished yet. The metal god has a "bucket list" of artists he hopes to eventually collaborate with, including pop sensation Lady Gaga. In a new video chat with Little Punk People, Halford affirmed a duet with Behemoth's Nergal is also on that list.

"I love Nergal so much. He's so fierce. He's so in his world, and I really admire that in any musician that has that conviction," Halford praised of the Behemoth frontman.

"It's something that it's always there, you know, this backburner thing. It's on the bucket list, however you wanna call it. It's definitely gonna happen," he continued. "Just for me as a singer, I've always admired that kind of performance, the way Nergal uses his voice. So one day there'll be a duet with Nergal and the Metal God. It's gonna happen."

With the way things are going, it seems artists will continue to have plenty of downtime to do collaborations for a bit longer, so maybe we'll see this duet sooner than later. Watch the full interview below, and get a copy of Halford's new biography Confess here.

Rob Halford Interview - Little Punk People

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