Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of writing about a new resident of the Amarillo Zoo. That resident was a porcupine that defied the odds, and stole the hearts of everyone he came in contact with.

Today, Amarillo Zoo is mourning the death of the beloved Quill Smith.

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Quill Smith: Amarillo's Most Special Porcupine

Quill came to the Amarillo Zoo after being cared for at the Wild West Rehabilitation Center. The adorable porcupine had been shot in the wild, and as a result lost one of his legs.

City of Amarillo
City of Amarillo

When Quill showed up at the Amarillo Zoo, he quickly won over staff and guests.

The Adorable Antics Of A Three Legged Porcupine

Quill was quite active, and affectionate, for being a three-legged porcupine. I remember reading how he would give hugs to those who worked with him.

In a press release issued earlier today, several more of his antics were listed.

Quill apparently enjoyed sneaking treats out of the fridge. He spent his time following his trainers, and eating his favorite snack. Sweet potatoes.

City of Amarillo
City of Amarillo

According to the press release, Quill was in the process of being trained to used in education programs.

The Unfortunate Loss Of Quill Smith, And A Lasting Mark On The Amarillo Zoo

Unfortunately, Quill succumbed to complications from a medical procedure. The press release states Quill died on August 8.

Quill, whose time at the Amarillo Zoo was relatively short, will not be forgotten. His impact on the zoo will be memorialized with a climate friendly plant. According to the press release, the Amarillo Zoo will have the plant on zoo grounds in his honor.

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