It seems that the news cycle in Amarillo has been dominated by kangaroos lately. It all started when a couple of kangaroos escaped from Rick Looby's place, and sadly one of those passed away. The other returned safely.

That got all of us digging into kangaroos and having a bit of a mild obsession with it. People started searching if it was legal to own a kangaroo in Texas, where you can find them, and how can you purchase one yourself.

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We mentioned how there was a kangaroo that everyone could see hanging out at the Amarillo Zoo. His name is Mike, and you can see him any time you go to the zoo.

Now we've received word that Mike is about to have a little friend join him there. There is a baby kangaroo that will be joining him, and they'll appropriately be naming him Ike. Yes, Mike & Ike, just like the candy.

We haven't been able to contact Mike yet to ask how he feels about this young, bouncing friend joining him. We're sure that Mike is excited to have a companion, yet we have to wonder if the age difference will end up wearing Mike out.

Either way, when you hit up the Amarillo Zoo, you'll now be able to see two kangaroos, and if you're lucky enough, you'll get to see them playing around and having fun. I mean, there's always the chance you see Mike taking care of Ike like his own considering the age gap.

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