As a child, I was taught that it truly is an "ill wind that blows no good". Such is the case with the tragic tale of Gabby Petito. The search for Petito and subsequently the search for her killer has captured the nation's attention for about the past month. However, that search for closure for Gabby's family and friends have led to closure for another family.

Searchers who were tasked with scouring the Wyoming wilderness just a few weeks ago before Gabby's body was discovered have now located the remains of yet another missing person. According to reports, the body of Robert "Bob" Lowery, a 46-year-old father of two from Texas was discovered just 40 miles from where searchers located Petito's remains.

Lowery's family had been searching for information regarding his whereabouts and condition since the middle of August. A family member told members of the media that Lowery's last confirmed activity was on or about August 20th.

All of the activity surrounding the search for Petito spurred new clues in the disappearance of Lowery. One of those tips lead searchers to the base of Teton Pass where remains matching those of Lowery were discovered on a steep and timbered slope.

Just for clarification, law enforcement officials in Wyoming do not think that the Petito case and the Lowery case are connected. Lowery's family was quick to offer thanks to those searchers who "never gave up" in their search for him.

Meanwhile, the search for Brian Laundrie, Gabby Petito's fiance, continues in Florida. Laundrie has been missing for several days since the discovery of Petito's body. Law enforcement officials and even celebrity searcher Dog the Bounty Hunter are now involved in trying to locate Laundrie so that he might be questioned more about Petito's untimely demise.

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