Sebastian Bach and Chris Jericho have declared a Twitter war against each other. Bach initially went after Jericho for allegedly lip syncing during Fozzy shows, and after some back and forth, Jericho challenged Bach to a sing-off.

It all started with a fan claiming that Jericho is beginning to look like Bach, which the former Skid Row singer says he hears every single day:

Jericho chimed in with a complimentary response, but Bach soon went on the offensive:

In response, Jericho brought up Fozzy’s recent chart success along with the band’s monthly listeners on Spotify, which is ten times as high as Bach’s:

Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward even jumped in, claiming that Jericho has always defended Bach in private whenever a bad word was said about the “18 and Life” singer:

Bach continued to poke at Jericho, which led to an impromptu sing-off challenge:

Could a sing-off actually happen between Chris Jericho and Sebastian Bach? Maybe Bach could show up on AEW Dynamite and blast high notes in a steel cage? Or on Chris Jericho’s next Rock ’n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea? Only time will tell.

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