So you just bought yourself a new car and need to get your tags for it. They hand you two license plates to affix to your car along with the fancy sticker on the front windshield.

You head home, pull the license plates out, and get ready to slap them on your new ride. You throw on the back plate knowing full well you HAVE to put that one on. However, you move to the front of the car and notice you don't have any way to put it on that front bumper.

You think to yourself, hey, I've got the sticker and back plate on. I don't need to worry about this front one. You toss it to the side and don't give it another thought. You hop in the car the next day, start driving around, and don't give it a second thought.

Then those pesky lights pop on and you pull to the side. You start thinking to yourself what did I do wrong? I wasn't speeding, I came to a full stop at that stop sign, etc. Everything is running through your mind. The officer approaches your window, and you ask what the problem is.

The officer proceeds to tell you that your front license plate is missing. You explain there was nowhere to put it on the bumper and you had the back one as well as the sticker, you don't see the issue. Unfortunately, the officer DOES see the issue.

In Texas, you HAVE to display a front license plate or you are subject to a $200 fine. If you can't place it on the front bumper, you have to take the plate and put it on your dash so it's displayed from the front.

There are exceptions to the rule though. If you have a road tractor, motorcycle, trailer, or semitrailer, you don't have to have the front one because there's literally nowhere to put it. Anything else, however, has to display a front license plate.

Don't get popped for something silly this holiday season and beyond. Show off that front plate with pride!

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