Have you ever seen articles about contests where people lay in a coffin for an extremely long time so they can win prizes. They happen every Halloween, and sometimes it's for cash, cars, or prizes at a theme park.

Six Flags Over Texas wants you to spend 30 hours cooped up in a coffin. If you last the 30 hours, you could win $600, two 2020 Gold Combo Season Passes, and a Fright Fest prize pack that's up for grabs that includes VIP Haunted House Passes.

You have to be 18, and you can't have medical conditions making it a health risk to spend 30 hours in a coffin. You also have to be able to lie flat and still. You also may be subjected to fog, dramatic lighting, flash photography, and visits from the more nefarious fiends of Fright Fest. You also have to provide your own pillow, blanket, sleeping bag...pretty much whatever is going to make you comfy.

You will be able to charge your phone, and you will be able to go the restroom once an hour.

I filled out my entry form, but I doubt I get selected. Laying in a coffin wouldn't be the hard part. The hard part is laying in a coffin having to pee and needing to wait another 15 minutes for the next break.

You can check out the entry form here for Six Flags Over Texas.

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