It is officially here. No longer do you have to stand in line waiting for an eternity at Walmart. Walmart is going to be getting into the delivery game.

Walmart has been working to speed things up and be more convenient. Recently, I was at the Coulter and 45th location waiting for a self-checkout lane to open, and an associate came over with a handheld scanner and rang up the few items I had.

I was even able to pay with my credit card. It saved me a little time.

Now, Walmart is going to be delivering your groceries to you. You can place your order online. Someone will go get your groceries for you, and then bring them to you.

You can order via their website or app, and there is even a discount code available. You'll get three free deliveries when you use the code DELIVERY with a purchase of at least $50. The offer is good until Jan 31, 2020.

What will we complain about now that we don't have to stand in line at the checkout?

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