Islander have released a new video for “Crazy Crazy World” starring pro wrestling icon Sting. As an added bonus to the collaboration, the band has tag teamed with the WCW legend for an exclusive line of merch.

The melancholic track depicts Sting, in full gear and face paint, going through the mundane tasks of everyday life, including brushing his teeth, playing Nintendo 64, lazing out on a lawn chair and sharing a sandwich with someone in need.

“‘Crazy Crazy World‘ is a song that everyone can relate to in one way or another,” says Singer Mikey Carvajal. “I wrote the lyrics when I was struggling with depression, but it really is an anthem for the times we are all in right now. It’s not a heavy song musically, but this whole year has been heavy enough for everyone. We wanted to contrast the heaviness with something beautiful and relatable, especially considering no one can mosh or stage dive or anything that comes along with being an aggressive band right now. Since this next record is easily the heaviest album we’ve done to date, we wanted to switch it up.”

“The visual for this song stars the wrestling legend, Sting. He is my favorite wrestler of all time, and he’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever had the honor to know or work with. In the wrestling business, when you help someone’s career, it’s known as ‘putting someone over.’ So I really can’t thank Sting enough for putting us over. It definitely feels like Islander has finally made it to main event with this track.”

Check out the video, which was directed by Fozzy Across America collaborator Nathan Mowery, below and take a look at the Islander x Sting merch collection here.

Islander - Crazy Crazy World (Official Music Video - Starring Sting)

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