If you're looking for an immediate Taco Bell fix, you might be out of luck. According to a recent post on the fast-food chain's website, certain items are hard to find these days.

Yum Brands' Taco Bell has posted at the top of its website, "Sorry if we can't meet your current craving. Unfortunately, there may be a shortage of some items due to national ingredient shortages and delivery delays."

Taco lovers who follow social media and Reddit already know (or have experienced firsthand!) the drama of not picking up taco sauces or even burritos due to the lack of chicken, beef, etc., tortillas, lettuce, or tomatoes at some locations.

As a result of the pandemic, Taco Bell is not the only company facing supply shortages this year.

Taco Bell is the latest restaurant chain affected by supply chain disruptions that have rippled across industries. Fast-food chains have been hit particularly hard by a labor shortage, and low inventory of some key ingredients in recent months.

Limited stock forced Chick-fil-A to limit the number of sauces it gives out to customers. Likewise, Starbuck apologized to customers for running out of some items, including oat milk.

Even though I haven't had a craving for Taco Bell in a while, I see the restaurant chain all the time.

I remember the days of going to Taco Bell for a late-night snack after playing video games all night in my dorm room. Those were the days.

Hopefully we don't have a shortage of necessary items that we need for everyday life.

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