A woman on Reddit is ditching her mom's wedding to attend a Taylor Swift concert.

Swifties are known for their dedication to their favorite blonde pop icon. However, one fan is wondering if she's taking things too far by skipping out on her mother's upcoming nuptials to see Swift on The Eras Tour.

The woman's mom, whose husband "passed away a while ago," is getting remarried.

"A few weeks ago I won Taylor Swift tickets on the radio for the same day as her wedding. I made the decision to go to the concert over the wedding, and I told her this, and she is very upset — she has not spoken to me since," the woman wrote in her post.

While she loves her mother and "feels bad" for missing the wedding, she thought her mom "would understand due to the circumstances." Plus, the woman doesn't "like" her soon-to-be-stepfather, and believes "seeing Taylor Swift is a once-in-a-lifetime experience" she simply can't miss.

"Also, I have made it very clear to my mom over the past few months that I am not okay with the marriage, but still plan to be at the wedding. But then I won the tickets, and things changed," she concluded.

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Many Reddit users in the comments section slammed the daughter for prioritizing a concert over her mom's special day.

"Very selfish. [Taylor Swift] is not once in a lifetime. But your mother finding happiness again (regardless of your like for the groom) is very rare," one person wrote.

"Even Taylor Swift wouldn't want you to miss your mother's wedding to go to her concert," another user suggested.

"You HAD to have known those tickets you won were for the same date. Most, if not all, ticket giveaways I hear about on the radio tell you which date/time they are giving away. You signed up/called in for those tickets likely KNOWING it was the same date/time as your mother’s wedding. I can’t fault you for not wanting to go to the wedding since you don’t approve of the marriage (although she shouldn’t really need your approval, she should have been listening to your concerns and taking them into account). I can fault you for finding a way to avoid going AFTER you said you would be there, albeit informally. You made a commitment to your mother for that day," someone else weighed in.

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