News headlines have been popping up all over that the CDC is recommending against trick-or-treating this year for Halloween. A very vocal portion of parents aren't happy with the idea.

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I've seen some post on social that we shouldn't take this away from kids. They lost the end of their school year and most of summer break. Many of the places that kids can go that provide entertainment have been shutdown, and even with things slowly reopening aren't able to fully enjoy everything they used to.

Enter the teal pumpkin.

The teal pumpkin is something that was started as a way for you to signal trick-or-treaters that the items you were handing out were mindful of food allergies. Usually this would mean that the house was handing out the usual candy, but also had non-food items as well.

It's being suggested in some parent groups online that the teal pumpkin be the official sign that you are catering to trick-or-treaters this year. That is, if we are allowed to trick-or-treat.

Usually the signal is leaving your porch-light on. However, and I've seen it first hand in recent years, it's not always a reliable sign. Some people who don't hand out candy couldn't care less about what people think about their light being on.

I think the teal pumpkin is a great idea, if there is still going to be trick-or-treating this year. It's a clear signal to trick-or-treaters and their parents that the house is okay with being visited.

Another option I've seen put up for consideration is leaving the candy and goodies in a big bucket and letting trick-or-treaters help themselves.

It's hard to imagine Halloween being remotely normal this year, but hopefully that doesn't mean we have to completely scrap the holiday.

If we get rid of trick-or-treaters, then I don't want any Christmas Carolers invading my lawn this year.

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