Too often people won’t begin to follow a law until the police enforce it.

That’s the idea behind the Texas Department of Public Safety’s plan to step up looking for violators of the Move Over Slow Down law passed in 2003.  The law was passed mainly to protect first responders working accidents alongside Texas highways but applies to anyone stopped on the side of the road.  The law stipulates that any driver approaching any type of vehicle stopped alongside the road must move over one lane from the stopped car or slow down to 20 miles below the posted speed limit.

Last year the DPS wrote over 10,000 tickets to violators who would neither move nor slow down.  Violators face a fine of $200,  If there is damage involved the fee jumps to $500.  If someone is hurt, violators could pay as much as $2000 plus jail time.

This summer, along with looking for seat belt violators and drug smugglers the DPS will also be stepping up enforcement Move Over Slow.  Observe the law or you might find it being enforced.

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