When I lived at Townsquare Village it was a nightmare at times trying to turn onto Soncy Road due the cars approaching so fast from both directions. Apparently many other people feel the speed limit should be reduced.

Now, the City of Amarillo is looking to make a city ordinance change that may affect your morning commute. Wednesday, Mayor Ginger Nelson posted on Facebook that the city is considering lowering the speed limit on Soncy Road per requests from people who live and work in the area.

The proposed changes would lower limits in the following areas, according to Nelson:

picture alliance via Getty Image
picture alliance via Getty Image

Amarillo, I want to inform you all about a City Ordinance change that TXDOT will submit to the Texas Transportation Commission in February.

Many Amarillo residents and business owners who live and work along Soncy Road have requested slower speed limits on Soncy.

These requests were made to the City and to TxDOT who are considering lowering the speed limit on Loop 335 (Soncy) south of 1-40 to Hollywood Road from the current:

Amarillo Blvd to I-40 from 50 MPH to 40 MPH

I-40 to 34th from 45 MPH to 40 MPH

34th to just passed 45th from 50 MPH to 40 MPH

Just south of 45th to Coulter from 60 MPH to 50 MPH

TxDOT recently complied speed studies within these areas that show the overall traffic speeds have dropped below the posted speed limits, and city staff anticipates the speed to continue to drop as development continues in these areas.

Other traffic factors up for discussion include the installation of a new traffic signal at the intersection of Soncy and Perry in 2021.


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