Nothing is safe anymore. First the gross deviants among us came for our Blue Bell Ice Cream. Now, Arizona Tea is the latest to be tampered with.

According to reports, an Odessa teen was arrested for spitting into a bottle of Arizona Tea before putting it back on the rack.

Even though it doesn't seem like a social media stunt (like with the Blue Bell Ice Cream lickers), it was still enough to get him arrested for felony tampering with a consumer product.

According to the report, security footage showed the boy putting the drink to his mouth before putting it back.

The report also states that he told asset protection that he spit in it, before telling officers that he thought it was gross...and that's why he put it back.

Always check to make sure the items you're buying aren't tampered with. Pretty much everything in stores comes with some type of seal. Check to make sure the seal hasn't been tampered with before purchasing any type of food item.

For this idiot, it's a tough lesson learned. For the rest of us it's a gross reminder to always check before you buy.

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