Getting arrested is typical the low point of ones life.

You'd be surprised though at just how many people seem THRILLED to be taking a picture for the world to see.

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These people decided if they were going to have to go down, they may as well do it smiling. I'll preface this by saying there seems to be a common theme with the majority of these mugshots. I'd imagine this common theme is the reason they're smiling. Enough of me yapping, let's get into it.


Randall County Sheriff's Office

We start with Mr. Parker. He seems a bit TOO thrilled to be picked up on this particular day. So what did Brady do that he was so seemingly proud of? Well it seems Mr. Parker had done a little drinking on this particular evening and decided to drive home. Surefire way to get picked up by the flashing lights right? Well, it doesn't stop there. He figured if he was going down, he'd go down in a blaze of glory. He allegedly decided to make the police chase him around for a touch before finally giving in. Maybe it was panic, maybe it was fear. Either way, Brady is facing charges of Driving While Intoxicated and Evading Arrest with a Vehicle.


Randall County Sheriff's Office

Our next glamour shot comes courtesy of Arianna Mincey. Seems to me she was having one heck of a fun night, and even though she felt that cold steel around her wrists she wasn't going to let that take away from her evening! Ms. Mincey didn't get behind the wheel of a car like Mr. Parker above did, but she did enough to get picked up on public intoxication charges. That basically means she was drunk enough in a public setting that the police felt she was a danger to herself or others. But hey, that alcohol was still doing its job in her mugshot. Check out that smile!


Randall County Sheriff's Office

Our 3rd entry in the all too happy mugshot collection comes courtesy of Emerald Baca. She like Ms. Mincey was brought in on public intoxication charges. We're all happy she didn't get behind the wheel of a vehicle, that was the best move she made all night...aside from tipping a few back. She seemed awfully happy with how much she was able to put down, but it was clearly so much that the big flash of the camera was a bit blinding. Either that or she was about to take a little nap with a smile on her face.


Randall County Sheriff's Office

So far, we've noticed a trend with smiling people after doing a little drinking. Arianna Trevino is here to throw a wrench in all that. Maybe she'd had a couple of drinks, but that's not what she got picked up on. Ms. Trevino is smiling rather big after allegedly committing assault. Yes, that is the smile of someone who was officially charged with Assault Causing Bodily Injury of a Family Member. I get that we all have our disagreements and issues within family, but this isn't the way to handle em. I will say however based on that smile, if it was a full on fight, Ms. Trevino may have won her fight. Now, she's got another one on her hands.

This is just scratching the surface. Take a look at some more wacky mugshots below!

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