Every year, on the first work day following July 4, coworkers gather around to share stories of their revelry or lack thereof.

This year, in my hometown just across the Oklahoma-Texas line, coworkers will be huddled around the water cooler talking about the fireworks display that didn't go as planned .

There is some good news. According to reports, no one was injured. There was, however, some equipment damaged.

According to some accounts, it was a trailer containing fireworks that had caught fire.

As you watch the video, you can see what is allegedly the trailer burning. Fireworks continue to go off in the background. Then, at the 1:15 mark you can see one of the fireworks launch into the air and almost immediately begin to fall back to the ground before exploding in the air close to the ground.

Then, at the 1:38 mark another shot goes into the air and again falls immediately back to the ground before exploding.

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