It sucks, but you had to see it coming. The 2020 State Fair of Texas has been officially canceled.

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The announcement highlighted how now is the time to look after neighbors and loved ones, and that that they will be back next year. It also goes on to state that there are still "participation opportunities" coming in the future. They're working on the details.

You can see their video and announcement below.

Our state has been all over national news stories due to the current surge in Covid-19 cases. Governor Abbott has even issued an executive order calling on all Texans to wear masks in counties with more than 20 cases.

Gathering thousands upon thousands of people in one place right now seems risky.

On the State Fair's Facebook page, most of the comments are understanding and supportive. Some say how much they're going to miss the food, and of course Big Tex.

It's important now that we all do what we can. It isn't a personal issue as much as you and I wish it was. It's a community issue.

Social distancing isn't that hard. I don't need to stand close enough to people that I can smell them. It's actually pretty nice not being crowded at the checkout when I'm getting groceries.

Wearing a mask is a little tougher. My biggest issue is making sure I leave mine in the car. That, and just how annoying it gets breathing in that thing while I'm grabbing groceries.

Still, we've got to try. If you're going to be in a crowded area, wear a mask and leave some space between you and the person next to you.

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