Amarillo has both restaurants and businesses that are iconic to our city. When we think of Amarillo, we immediately think of Toot N' Totum, The Big Texan, and now the Sod Poodles. I also feel like Amarillo is the "Thai Restaurant" capital of Texas. I was surprised seeing a Thai Restaurant in every corner in town when I first moved up here. This basically debunks the myth that Amarillo is a predominantly cowboy town with people who speak with a thick twang.

However, there's always that one restaurant or business that we wish we had here in town. Sometimes, we take day trips to visit that restaurant or business. A good recent example of this being the opening of HEB in Lubbock. Amarillo residents have taken day trips there to grab a few things at HEB. The grocery chain is highly respected in the Lone Star State.

So the question is: What other restaurants and business do we wish existed in Amarillo?

Here a few places on my Amarillo Wishlist...


Aaron Savage, Townsquare Media

Low prices and a better alternative to Wal-Mart. Growing up in South Texas meant going to HEB for barbacoa and Big Red.


A Texas staple. Everyone talks about how great this place this especially their clean restrooms. I have been to Buccees before and can say that I am impressed with it. With I-40 being an important highway I do not understand why the famous beaver has no presence here.

Taco Cabana

Taco Cabana

A way better alternative to Taco Villa. Plus its a 24 hour business. The breakfast tacos are amazing.

A Greek Restaurant

If its one thing Amarillo is missing is place that serves Greek food! We have Chinese, Indian, Somali (Yes you read that correctly), and Lao. Why not Greek? Now I want to break a plate and say OPA!

What other restaurants or businesses do you wish were in Amarillo?

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