After several delays and with the summer over half gone, The Canyon Aqua Park is now open.

The "CAP" was initially scheduled to open June 1st, then June 17th, then the end of June and eventually even July 4th was tossed out as a potential opening date.  All came and went and still no slipping or sliding.  All that is ancient history now that the park has officially opened.

Visitors can now enjoy two speed slides, a 12 foot lap and diving pool, lazy river, water playground and splash pad.  All the fun being monitored by 16 lifeguards on duty at all times the park is open.

The park is open Monday - Friday noon-6pm, Saturdays noon-7pm and Sundays 1-7pm.  The park will stay open through September 4th the make up for some of the lost summer.  Season passes are 30% off.


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