I see your blog City of Amarillo, and I raise you a blog.

I called it. The city has finally decided to address drainage issues. They're doing it, with their new blog.

I'm a little disappointed. Instead of looking like heroes who have a plan for the future, the blog just came off as a self-congratulatory pat on the back while we all stare at photos and videos of vehicles stranded in rainwater.

It was cute with its football analogies. It has a light conversational tone. It even had some interesting facts.

The issue with the blog is that all it does is celebrate how "quickly" business is back to normal when it rains. There is nothing about any plans for the future to help ease the strain flooding puts on parts of the city, or just to improve on the system already in place.

I dread the rain. If it rains while I'm at work, I'm stuck at the station for a while. It's great for some parts of the city flooding isn't an issue. But what about the parts where the city is drowning?

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