As the last week of school is upon us we look forward to many things. We want to have dinner with our kids while still having to work. We are looking for camps. We are figuring out how they can still learn during their time off. They can learn and still have a lot of fun.

Case in point the Discovery Center here in Amarillo have just the fun time for you and your family.
credit: Discovery Center FB page
credit: Discovery Center FB page

Have you ever wondered how toys work? I mean we love playing with them but I don’t think we ever really thought how the process of them doing their job unit Toy Story came out.
We thought about toys coming alive. All of our beloved toys that cause us so much joy. Now of course we know they don’t really come alive. We do though like to know how they work.
Join the Discovery Center - 1200 Streit Drive starting this Friday. You and your family can discover the inner workings of some of your favorite toys. They are even going to have a special hour for members only to enjoy donuts
NEW EXHIBIT! Opening Friday, May 28th - "Toys: The Inside Story". Come take a peek inside popular toys and figure out the gizmos that make them go!
Attention members - join us for a members-only hour, Saturday, May 29th from 9:30 - 10:30 with donuts and coffee!
Not a member? Join today and start saving!
If you are not a member but want to become one HERE is how you can do just that. This is sure to be a fun event for the whole family this summer. Don't miss your opportunity.

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