As a radio guy, I have always been fascinated with those famous voices that we hear when we watch the preview trailers at UA Star Theater.

The lights go down, the audience gets quiet and at a booming 82 decibels you hear that opening line, 'In a world.....'

The most famous 'movie trailer voice' was the late (and great) Don LaFontaine. In the voice over community he was known as 'Thunder Throat' and 'The Voice of God.'

You may remember him best from the GEICO commercials.

You may have never known his name til now, but you surely have heard his voice.

At his peak, Don would voice up to 60 commercials, movie trailers or promotional announcements (promos) in one week.

Sadly, the 'world' lost Don on September 1,  2008.

Movie Trailer voice overs is a lucrative business that is tough to break into, but once you're there and accepted, the skies the limit.


Another one of my favorite 'VO Men' is Mark Elliot. Mark's been 'the voice of Disney' since 1983. You'll know him once you hear his warm and 'family-friendly' voice on the Disney Movies.


John Leader's voice has been best associated with Universal pictures. Like Mark, because of his warm and family-friendly voice, most of his work comes from family films. You can hear him on the movie trailers of 'Beethoven' and 'The Land Before Time.'


Nick Tate is best known on-screen as Alan Carter on the short lived sci-fi TV show 'Space 1999.' This Aussie has been heard in movie theaters throughout the world on 'Apollo 13,' 'Braveheart,' 'Goldeneye' and 'Jurassic Park.'


And rounding out the top 5 is Al Chalk. Chalk not only appeared on the comedy series 'In Living Color,' but also has done movie trailer work on 'The Fugitive' and 'Madagascar.'

Now that you've matched the voices with the names, check out this short film called 'Five Guys in A Limo' and meet the faces behind the voices.

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