There is no creature more majestic or revered than a big ol Clydesdale, and when they're of the world champion sort, it makes it even more impressive.

Tomorrow, May 25th will be YOUR chance to see these incredible creatures up close as the World Champion Express Clydesdales invade Amarillo. The event will be hosted by Express Employment Professionals at 6605 I-40 W from 4-7pm.

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If you don't know about these incredible Clydesdales, allow me to give you a bit of history. According to the Express Clydesdales website,, these creatures have been used as a marketing tool for Express Employment Professionals since 1998. They meet thousands of people every year at their home in Yukon, Oklahoma, and they often travel across to serve as good-will ambassadors for the company. You can also book events and weddings at Express Ranch and have the Clydesdales be a part of any special event.

The event here in Amarillo tomorrow will featured some of the very Clydesdales that are housed at the ranch, so if you've never seen one up close, this is for you. I have seen the Budweiser Clydesdales in person, and I can tell you from that experience that this is an event not to be missed. There will be fun for everyone including games, giveaways and yes, you'll be able to pet them as well. The best part about this event? It's FREE and open to everyone to come out and see.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to see the Express Clydesdales. Chances like this don't come along often.

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