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Thanksgiving is just weeks away. Families all over the Lone Star State are already forming their private family Facebook groups to make plans for the annual feast.

There will be arguments on what items will form this year's spread, but according to studies the one thing that we will all agree on is green bean casserole.

The fine folks at Zippia decided to look at Google trends to see which Thanksgiving dishes people were researching the most. In the state of Texas, we're really, really interested in green bean casserole.

I can understand why. One of my favorite items to land on the table at Thanksgiving dinner is the green bean casserole. The crunchy onions on top, the sauce, and the green beans all go together perfectly when prepared correctly.

That last point is the most important. While I adore a good green bean casserole, nothing is more gag inducing than a poorly constructed casserole. It can turn soggy, run all over the plate, and the flavors can be out of whack leading to an either bland or over-peppered mess.

We aren't alone in our love for green bean casserole. Arizona and New Mexico join us. Oklahoma went with rolls.

While I do love a good roll, choosing them seems a bit like choosing vanilla as your favorite flavor of ice cream. Nothing wrong with it, but it's so plain and obvious.

You can get more details on the study from Zippia by following this link to their website. If you need a good green bean casserole, here's a recipe for you.

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